Multi touch screen or touchscreen monitors are used to increase customer engagement. There is a new trend in the market these days and it's called experience marketing where the customer can actually engage with the information and experiences a wonderful way to connect with your brand.

Available in HD, FULL HD and 4K displays, multi touch screens can be made available in upto 40 touch points (40 touch points means that screen can sense 40 fingers at the same time).

Instead of old boring paper catalogs or paper presentation, people can be engaged more with the interactive digital information so now your customer can feel more connected with your brand and products.


Touch Table, touch screen table

Multi touch screens are latest marketing tools for many industries including: Retail Hospitality Education Showrooms Corporate Office Exhibitions





Mac OS X




Available with safety glass 

Available in 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 32 and 40 Touch Options

Standard Size 19", 21.5", 27", 32", 40", 43", 46", 49", 55", 65", 75"

Custom size also available

Fast Response with IR sensors

Slim Design

No minimum touch  pressure required


Customers now want control of what they browse. They now select what they need to see and how often they would need to or simply save it for a later view. When your business has a Multi-Touch Screen, customers are able to select what they want to see with a matter of a few flicks of their fingers – it’s just like browsing through a brochure, but it happens digitally through multi touch screens.

With Multi touch screens, customers have complete control of what they are viewing. This scores a perfect ten for engagement and information retaining. The trick is ‘engagement’.



Who should invest in Multi Touch Screens:

Given that multi touch screens have a multitude of benefits, so it suits just about anyone. From Business-to-Business organizations to even retailers, this changes how consumers experience your products. Its benefits are tremendous. We are seeing many from a variety of industries like Hospitality, Retailers, Corporate Offices, Education sectors and showrooms use them to engage their potential consumers.

For education, you can load educational programs in multi touch screens with interactive software that can enrich the learning journey. In some cases, students prefer visual aids for studies to retain information. The interactive features of these Multi Touch Screens can make education fun.

For hospitals, especially surgeons in rhinoplasty can educate potential clients with visual effects the benefits of plastic surgery. The large format displays with touch functionality can be used to direct patients to specific doctors and medical units, especially in larger areas. By flicking through a few screens, patients will know where they have to be and access these areas with ease.

They might be pricier than conventional signage; however, given how interactive they are, they can make a hospital visit a far more pleasant one. You can reduce the number of staff to direct visitors with these Multi Touch Screens.

What is Multi Touch?

Multi Touch as the names suggest is a technology that enables a surface to detect touch points more than one. It is generally an input device that gives a signal to the computing device whether its a mobile, tablet or a computer.

It gives a signal to the computer as someones touch a part of the screen. Just like a mouse, touch sensors pass the signal to the computer and accordingly, necessary action is taken by the computer.

Multi Touch screen became popular few years back when touch screen mobiles were launched. Multi touch technology was welcomed by people and soon became very popular among users. It was easy to use and it replaced the touch pads.

Now multi touch technology is used in large format screens also that can be wall mounted or can be used as multi touch table. No need to use your mouse or keyboard now and you can enjoy playing with the content with just touch of a finger or touch pens.

Pinch to zoom in and zoom out a picture of a document and rotate it as per your convenience. This makes the user experience more interactive and more friendly.

These days, corporate offices are adapting large format multi touch sceens and multi touch tables for their experience centers. As your customers come to their office for a meeting, you can show your company information, your products, how that will be beneficial for your customers, your past projects, CSR activities and final implementation of the project. 

Sitting on a single table and or multi touch video wall, you can explain and give the overview of your company to your customer with just flick of your fingers. This leaves a wow effect on your customer, leaving a very good image of your brand in their mind and at the same time increases your brand value.

Mindzap is based in Gurgaon and multi touch screens in Gurgaon are helping many corporates build up their experience centers and enhance their customer experience.


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