Multi Touch Table

Multi Touch Table or Interactive table are installed with inbuilt computer with large format 4K or UHD LED touch screens.

Touch Table is a perfect solution that can make your customer engage more with the content and services you want to present.

More is the engagement, higher will be the brand registration in customers mind and more are the chances to convert your lead

Mind zap specializes in customised multi touch table solutions for corporate reception, restaurants, hotels, events, exhibitions, nightclubs, hospitals, classrooms, real estate etc.



Inbuilt computer makes it just plug and play. Simply plug in the power supply and your Multi touch table is ready with product displays, presentations & digital brochures Ideal for:

  • Sales Office
  • Real Estate
  • Exhibitions
  • Restaurants
  • Premium Bars
  • Lounge.
  • Corporate Reception



  • Available in 2 Touch, 6 Touch, 12 Touch and 32 Touch points.
  • Safety Glass to prevent display.
  • Quick Response.
  • Inbuilt CPU makes it simply PLUG & PLAY.
  • Customized software solution also available.



Want to increase your product sales and provide your customer with digital experience, interactive multi touch table is perfect solution to build your brand.

Interactive table of interactive multi touch table can be made with customized design and size. With interactive multi touch software, you can build your brand reputation by digital presentations easily accessible on the smart interactive table.

Be it interactive multi touch bar table or intractive coffee table, mindzap is one stop solution to buy the interactive table. Contact us for best interactive table price that too with stunning designs and multi touch points.

If you have any requirement for multi touch table, drop us a message and our team will be happy to help you with best solution and multi touch table price.

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